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Motorcar AMG 801 CFC Corsica H0m

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Exclusive Halling model of the modern CFD twin-engine AMG / AMP 800 in version of the Corsican railways CFC (Chemin de fer de la Corse). The model drives, among other things, In the S-Bahn-like operation of the cities Ajaccio and Bastia, also on the entire stretch of the island. The motor coaches also operate in Provence and Tunisia. They have large panoramic windows, air conditioning, wheelchair accessible.

The Halling model, exclusively developed for us, will have an elaborately printed plastic housing, an alternating front lighting red / white in LED technology and a drive with a flywheel. We will present the development advances at this point, including pictures from the design.

The model will only be launched in large series production if there is sufficient order intake. If there are not enough orders until autumn 2017, we will offer a small series model.

The model can be ordered immediately, the payment is of course only necessary shortly before the delivery.

The model is available with three different car numbers, each in H0m (12mm) and H0e (9mm).

Novelty 2017, available with sufficient order intake towards the end of 2017 / beginning 2018.

The picture shows the original at the station of Calvi, on the west coast of Corsica.

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